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Backlinkia offers its own free online SEO audit and website analysis service or that of competitors. Without registration, this SEO tool allows you to improve the natural referencing of your website through the detection of bad techniques, content and keyword optimisation, the creation of backlinks for your SEO link building, monitoring the position of keywords in google results etc. Whether you are a private individual or an SEO agency, download a free SEO pdf report in addition to online analysis, advice and recommendations to improve the visibility of your website in Google or analyse competing sites.

This free online SEO audit helps you identify the negative factors that are blocking your SEO. It helps you to detect errors and replace them with optimised solutions to boost the visibility of your pages in Google SERPs and other search engines. Optimise the presence of your website in Google results by making changes from an editorial point of view, internal link meshing, page loading speed, ergonomics etc. Analyse your site free of charge and apply the tips to increase the visibility of your site's pages in search engines.